America's Negro spiritual songs are a National Treasure.
Project GRADY-RAYAM uses them to build a better world through:

The genius of America's Negro spiritual songs - this treasured music of a nation's soul - is at the heart of all we do - tunes and rhythms from the past dictating a cadence of hope by which we measure our onward progress into a bright future.
Our goal is to help thrust young artists into the future by coaching and mentoring them musically, by nurturing and shaping them professionally, and by supporting their scholastic goals financially.
We are guardians and peddlers of songs that remind us of diminished dreams, broken promises, delayed justice, unrequited wrongs, unmitigated oppression, unfulfilled expectations - and of sure strong, resilient hope.
We can be anywhere you invite us to be - homes, workplaces, houses of worship, recital halls, concert stages, school campuses, networking events, civic venues, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices or social networks.

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