Cultivating Greatness: Memberships

Board of Directors – Membership on our Board of Directors can be pursued in either a Corporate Member or Individual Member capacity. Our Board governs, oversees, safeguards, and funds the work of the agency. Directors receive no remuneration for their service, but are instead required to pay annual dues in the amount of $1,500. Corporations serve on a year-by-year basis and so can renew their membership annually. Individuals serve in stints of three years. Please contact us HERE if you are interested in helping provide executive-level leadership while working to attract funding support that will help underwrite services, programs and operating costs.

WholeNote Society – Our Foundation’s WholeNote Society is comprised of past and present Board members and other sustaining donors who believe in the mission of our agency. The Society’s purpose is to annually contribute and encourage major gift funding in support of the Foundation and of Project GRADY-RAYAM. WholeNote Society Membership is maintained with a minimum contribution of $500.00 pledged by an individual or household and paid to the agency between the first day of November and the last day of December in every calendar year. Membership payments and pledges can be fulfilled online HERE.

DTJ GUILD -- The purpose of the Dorothy T. Johnson Guild is to annually produce a ‘Women’s Voices’ Luncheon as a benefit to raise money for The “Negro Spiritual” Scholarship Foundation Inc. and Project GRADY-RAYAM. Membership is open to all who are interested in the work of the Foundation and willing to support the Guild's purpose. Membership is maintained with enrollment in the Guild and payment of annual membership dues in the amount of $25.00 for Active members or $50.00 for Affiliate members. Active members are willing to be involved in planning, executing and selling the Luncheon. Affiliate members are willing to give or solicit financial help in support of “NS”SF.